Studio Areas

Dreams Department
In the Concepts and Character Design (Dreams) department professional storyboard and concept artists are busy thinking up ideas to make Inky Dinky Animation Studios a "Wonderland" of sorts. It is kind of like working in the looking glass. Imagination can run wild and it is this area that will lead us all into future Inky Dinky projects. There are no boundaries and the only limitation is one's imagination.

Ink and Paint Department
The Traditional Animation department (Ink and Paint Department) artist works on drawings and creating illusions of life. Artists scan and polish animations and prepare flipbooks that are needed in the screening area.

Creations Department
In the physical model shop (Creations Department), artists sculpt and scan characters that are needed by the 3D modelers and animators. Working in clay and sculpty, artists build physical models for the 3D modelers and animators to use as references. Also, any ornamentation will be created here for use throughout Inky Dinky Animation Studios.

Dimensions Department
3D modeling transforms character sketches and statues for use in 3D animations. They may be scanned models that need extensive cleanup or might even start from scratch using polygons and splines. Many software packages and translation programs are used to get the final product animated and outputted.

Motion Department
3D Animation (Motion Department)encompasses all that is expected to breathe life into an object. Constant usage of all the elements that make animation a skill are expected of all in this area. Utilizing many high end programs, 3D Animators work hand in hand with Technical Directors to breath life an object. This is the point of the animation process that will make or break the production.

Illumination Department
The Lighting Area works with lighting both physical and virtual models and adheres to color theory as well as theatrical lighting, shading and textures. Color theory, theatrical lighting and close relationships with the Shading and Textures area are enforced. Constant research of new techniques will go on during studio hours and film study and documentation are kept in the library archives.

Visuals Area
All models and sets need that finished touch to make them extra special. Math and Paint Programs are used to give surfaces real and unimaginable flavor. This are breeds both creative types and rocket scientists. Algorithms and paintbrushes will be one; science will be used to create art and art will be used to create science. Einstein would have worked in this area.

Fade to Black Area
The final product goes through electronic non-linear editing. All the data is networked to this area for dicing and splicing and archiving. The original storyboards are followed closely and prerecorded voices are synched to the visual tracks of animation. Sound and Editing are combined into one area. Talent is recorded and animation is added to match up with the audio track.

The Clubhouse
Of course some high maintenance has to be done during this production process. This encompasses project management, archives and studio eye candy Everyone participates in this process. Inky Dinky Animation Studios does not believe in walls and closed doors. Everyone is important to this process. Everyone will roll up his/her sleeves and do what they do best to make Inky Dinky the happiest and strongest animation studio around.





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